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Data is at the core of your business. You need to analyze it, update it and share it in real-time, securely, with proper access and permission controls, and in many cases, with automated workflow among your team.

If you’re still managing and sharing your data via email and Excel spreadsheets, there’s no way you are being productive as you can be, and are leaving a lot of money on the table.

According to a McKinsey report, employees spend over 9 hours per week, on average, in unproductive searching and gathering through emails, local files, etc. for existing data. That’s more than 20 percent of a workweek!

If you happened to have missed our first-ever digital workplace conference Kintone Connect 2017 in San Francisco that talked more on this topic, we’ve got you covered! Our keynote and workshop speakers shared best practices for leading the digital business, with topics ranging from agile transformation, no-code/low-code application tools and effective workplace management.

Check out these videos from six of our favorite, thought-provoking presentations.