Sharon Burns

CEO& Founder BlockData4Good

Sharon is Founder of BlockData4Good a blockchain inspired data philanthropy platform for nonprofits and the donors that support their work. BlockData4Good is early stage of development. The website is under construction, but you are welcome to watch the progress and subscribe to the newsletter.

Sharon Burns is CEO at Critical Blink, a Chicago-based technology consulting firm focusing on emerging technology for the social sector. Her most recent engagement was with the Chicago Blockchain Project where she was COO and curated the Social Good track for the Voice of Blockchain Conference.

Sharon was CIO at the MacArthur Foundation for 10+ years. While at MacArthur she developed technology platforms to engage the virtual world community in philanthropy. Sharon led the IT operations for the City of Chicago, launched their Y2K initiative and sold the first Taste of Chicago tickets on the internet. While at World Book Sharon designed the website to sell their first book on the internet, maybe even the first book sold to anyone on the internet.