Larry Eason

Executive Vice President for Corporate Strategy at AerNos

Larry Eason is Executive Vice President for Corporate Strategy at AerNos, a nano technology-based gas sensor company developing multi-gas sensors for integration into IoT devices used for indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring and other e-nose applications.

As a senior strategist with over 34 years of experience focused on social impact, Larry’s passion and expertise lie in helping organizations and leaders leverage the power of strategic relationships, information and technology.

Larry has worked with some of the most influential organizations and companies developing innovative solutions for a cleaner environment, advancing children’s health and women’s health, fighting climate change and saving lives through humanitarian relief & development.

Former clients include RAND Corporation, the Global Innovation and Collaboration division of World Vision International, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, International Medical Corps, Social Venture Partners, Sustain Global Partnership (collaboration of World Vision, CARE, UPS, TNT, Accenture, Booz Allen Hamilton), Charity Navigator, California Department of Mental Health, California Community Foundation, and many others. From 2011-2014 Larry was a close strategic partner of LinkedIn for Good.

Larry is an advisor to ProSocial, a social impact agency focused on harnessing the power of entertainment media for culture shift. Larry is a former advisor to Findability Sciences (a Softbank portfolio company) an artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive computing firm, served as board chair for Healthy Child Healthy World and is a founding member of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles’ Digital Advisory Committee. A surfer, potter, and painter, Larry lives in Southern California with his wife, daughter, and many rescue dogs.