Constantine Bitsas

Executive Director of Tutoring English to Advance Change (TEACH)

Constantine Bitsas is Executive Director of Tutoring English to Advance Change (TEACH).  Mr. Bitsas has been a nonprofit senior administrator for over over 25 years, and has worked in a number of social service agencies serving English language learners, people with disabilities, unemployed or underemployed, homeless individuals and families, those  mental health challenges, and low-income health care patients.  Prior to being in administration, he was a mental health counselor, case manager, and crisis team worker.
In his various administrative roles, he has been the project manager of database development and migration and database administrator in each of these service areas.  He has had experience developing database architecture, process, and procedures, and training users in both off-the-shelf and custom systems used for client management, management information and reporting, financial monitoring and reporting and workflow processes.